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Ambulance service in Ghatkopar

Mahesh Ambulance service

By holding the years of experience and knowledge of this domain, we have become masters in providing Ambulance Service in Ghatkopar. With the aid of life support system, we at Mahesh Ambulance Service shift the patients with multi-organ failures efficiently. Patients with angina, acute myocardial infarction and arrhythmia are shifted effectively with ambulances which are consist of proper ventilation and oxygen facilities. Under the supervision of our experienced doctors and paramedical staff, we have been to manage an emergency situation that can occur during the shifting of patients to the hospital.

For shifting the patients who met with some accident, we provide ambulance services with ICU facilities and a strong panel of doctors and nurses. Our ambulances consist of all the required tools and equipment that can support in emergency cases like angina, heart attaches and arrhythmia efficiently before the patient reaches the hospital. Our mission is to transport the patients in safe hands as early as possible. Our centre is fully fitted with the sophisticated life saving medical equipment and emergency medicines and we have paramedics trained staff who can easily manage all kinds of medical emergencies. The ambulances provided by us consist of a various facility of oxygen cylinders, attendant, regulators, scoop stretcher, collapsible stretcher, first aid kit etc.